Equipped laboratory of Nikobar Shargh Sepahan (official member of the strategic laboratory network of the country) guarantees the highest quality of the company's products to be presented to customers. This company is able to test and measure the types of features and properties required for each product of the polymer industry (specialized in the field of industrial rubbers) with the highest accuracy. This laboratory is a reliable reference for conducting specialized tests to evaluate the engineering properties of polymers, which are ready to service the quality control and research and development units of other companies and external customers by using international and national test methods (ASTM, ISO, etc.).

Laboratory services that can be provided in the laboratory of Nikobar Shargh Sepahan:

Tensile and elongation test according to ASTM D-412 standard

Resilience test according to ASTM D-1054 standard

Fatigue test according to ISO 6943 standard

Rubber viscometer test according to ASTM D-1646 standard

Baking rheometer test according to ASTM D-5289 standard

Abrasion test according to DIN-53516 standard

Hardness test according to ASTM D-2240 standard

Compression Test according to ASTM D395 standard