Our purpose

We are passionate about our customers and our employees’ success and make long-term differences by creating work partnerships. Our unique way of working and culture creates competitive advantage.


Our vision

Presence in the market of neighboring countries

Entrepreneurship and creating knowledge-based and sustainable employment of more than 500 people in the next 5 years

Presence in cross-border markets

Brand promotion nationally and internationally

Increase profitability due to optimal sales of products and technology


Quality Policy

Shargh Sepahan is committed to preparing, designing, manufacturing, producing, supplying, installing and servicing conveyor equipment, heavy and semi-heavy metal structures, composite liners and all rubber equipment.

Shargh Sepahan provides the strengths and opportunities that affect conformity of products and services and increase customer satisfaction, which is defined for us as a business.

Shargh Sepahan Quality Management System is systematically reviewed and revised to ensure that we comply with the requirements of existing standards and the processes reach their desired output.

Employees involved in the development and implementation of quality practices are encouraged to strive for excellence in product quality and customer service. All levels of management, supervision and personnel are committed to the quality policy of Shargh Sepahan.


Environment policy

Shargh Sepahan offers complete solutions for the conveying system and support services in the mining and resource sectors, while complying environmental laws and regulations. At Shargh Sepahan, we are committed to continuously improving our work systems, equipment, technology and strategy to maintain high standards of environmental care.

Shargh Sepahan will ensure:

Compliance with all laws and regulations related to energy, environment and other requirements.

Actively identify and assess environmental hazards, and any activities that affect the environment will be monitored and audited.

All people who work for or on behalf of Shargh Sepahan; Receive adequate information, guidance, and training on environmental policies, procedures, and practices. We will encourage the active participation of all employees in reducing any environmental impact.

Appropriate preventive measures and controls are in place to prevent spills, recycle resources and ensure the optimal use of energy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Shargh Sepahan is committed to comply the requirements of environmental management systems.

New methods and technologies are evaluated for their effectiveness and usefulness in conserving resources, minimizing waste, improving work processes, and protecting the environment.

Environmental protection is the responsibility of every person at Shargh Sepahan.

Shargh Sepahan encourages suppliers and contractors to adopt principles that are consistent with this environmental policy in their performance.



Customer success is our first priority.

We aspire to be much better than our competitors in every way.

Our employees are the best in the industry.

Our passionate employees have a culture of success and service to make a significant difference to customers in the long term.

We have a unique organization structure with empowered local management.

Our products and systems perform better as a result of leading production, innovation and engineering.

Quality, delivery time and reasonable price are the headline of our work charter.

We make large investments for our people and make specific innovations to reduce customers' operating costs.

We are a private company backed by a quarter of a century of experience and growing, and customers can be confident that we are by their side.