about us

Nikobar Shargh Sepahan Production Complex has started experimental production of oil seals with SENOK brand since 1994, and in 1996, it succeeded in mass production with more than 1100 sizes of various types of oil seals and has determined its development path in such a way that for each year Put new products in its product portfolio and today various strategic industries of the country such as aerospace, automobile, mines and steels, paper and cardboard, fibers and fabrics (completion and production) are potential and actual customers of this company. Production of various metal parts and structures, engineering and construction of material transmission lines and conveyors, engineering and manufacturing of various types of polymer anti-wear liners and composites, are among the capabilities of this company.

What we are proud of is to presence in the list of top laboratories in the country (in the comprehensive laboratory network), which in this regard, in addition to providing engineering services, has increased the company's ability to develop and continuously improve.